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World Economic Forum
A new era of computing is coming. How can we make sure it is sustainable?
Compute technology has grown exponentially, and now we must shift to focus on new opportunities
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HPE improves energy efficiency of Taoyuan City through real-time monitoring of streetlights
First-of-its-kind smart lighting project in Taiwan built on HPE Edgeline Converged Edge Systems to reduce energy...
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HPE Synergy remains the only truly composable platform out there—despite the noise around new solutions
With more than 1,700 customers, HPE Synergy is the industry’s only established 100% software-defined infrastructure
IDC’s worldwide composable/disaggregated infrastructure forecast, 2018-2023
The analyst firm explores the benefits and future of composable/disaggregated infrastructure (CDI)
HPE and VMware A collaboration that equals competitive advantage
HPE and VMware: A collaboration that equals competitive advantage
Highlighting our unique partnership and how it creates value for customers
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Changes to the Partner Ready program prove that we are still far ahead of the pack
Changes to the Partner Ready program prove that we are still far ahead of the pack
Everything we do is aimed at making it easier for our partners to do lucrative business with us
Our history
See what HPE has been up to since it launched in 2015
Accelerating space exploration with the Spaceborne Computer
Learn about our year-long experiment with NASA
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Market Share and the Tale of Two Strategies
CEO Antonio Neri shares his thoughts on IDC's server market share results
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Survey Says: Composability and Continuous Delivery Accelerate Business Initiatives and Deliver a Competitive Advantage
Chief Technologist Gary Thome shares highlights from a new Forrester survey on the current state of Hybrid IT
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HPE Welcomes Dell to Composable Infrastructure …Three Years Too Late
After three years and 1,400+ customers later, Dell arrives to the party but it’s too little, too late
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How Composable Infrastructure is Making IT Simpler and Faster for Any Workload
HPE is transforming data center IT into fluid pools of compute, storage, and network fabrics, future-proofing offerings...