Intelligent Edge

HPE’s vision for not only connecting IoT devices, but capturing, analyzing and securing their data

VIDEO: What Is the Intelligent Edge?

HPE's IoT leaders discuss our vision for IoT and the Intelligent Edge

Bringing Intelligence to the Edge

A Q&A with HPE’s IoT Expert Dr. Tom Bradicich
Press Release
ABB and HPE Bring Intelligence to Industrial Plants
Partnership to provide actionable insights across industrial plants, cloud and on-premises data centers for higher productivity and innovation
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What do you have to lose?
Monitoring and locating high-value physical assets used to require considerable IT investments, but Aruba’s new asset...
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Revolutionized Switching For Modern Mobility, Cloud and IoT
By re-imagining and re-engineering core and aggregation switching, from the ground up, the Aruba 8400 Switch Series with...
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Industrial IoT Must Move from Optimization to Transformation
Global survey unveils current strategies, success rates and obstacles
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5 Industries That Will Be Completely Transformed by IoT
See how IoT will completely transform transportation, manufacturing, retail, energy and healthcare
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5 Global Cities Realizing the Potential of IoT
Exploring the progress of smart city programs across Singapore, Dubai, London, Atlanta and Goyang
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Paving the Way for Interoperability in IoT Technology
Bosch Software Innovations CEO on why enterprises shouldn’t wait for IoT “to happen”
Blog Post
HPE’s vision for IoT and the Intelligent Edge
Watch the recap of HPE’s Intelligent Edge Innovation Day
White Paper
Extracting Context From IoT to Create Real Economic Value
Boosting productivity and profitability relies on embracing the value cycle of Internet of Things data
Use Cases
Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust
Aruba enables seamless mobile healthcare services at one of the largest hospitals in South West England
Use Cases
Swisslos and Aruba Partner to Increase Customer Satisfaction
Aruba Remote APs and ClearPass drive revenues and customer engagement for Swiss lottery provider
White Paper
Connect-and-Protect: Building a Trust-Based Internet of Things For Business-Critical Applications
IoT has the potential to facilitate beneficial decision-making that no one device could spur on its own
White Paper
Be a Smart City
IoT’s role in smart street lighting and how it’s saving money and energy
White Paper
Edge Computing Meets Analog Data
How National Instruments is jumpstarting the industrial IoT
White Paper
Enabling Data Management at the Edge in Industrial IoT
How Edgeline and Converged Edge Systems let you collect data and analyze it at the edge
White Paper
The Intelligent Edge Workspace: Transforming Remote Workspaces with HPE Edgeline and Citrix
HPE is bringing enterprise-level workplace mobility solutions to remote locations
How HPE Is ‘Pioneering’ IT & OT Convergence
A look at IoT channel opportunities