Space Exploration

Accelerating space exploration with the Spaceborne Computer and beyond

The sky is not the limit: Pushing the boundaries of technology in space

HPE CTO Dr. Eng Lim Goh shares insights from The Economist Events 2nd Annual Space Summit

HPE delivers first above-the-cloud supercomputing services for astronauts to advance space exploration

Astronauts aboard the ISS now have direct access to the supercomputing capabilities of the Spaceborne Computer

Building the space economy: Earthly biases on the launch pad

Watch a panel discussion about the future of space exploration presented by HPE and The Economist Events
When the universe goes online: The future of connectivity in space
As mankind races to Mars, we still have many hurdles to conquer to make the journey safe
When the universe goes online: Combating waste & radiation in space
From reducing space debris to mitigating radiation, there are still risks to overcome in keeping astronauts and equipment safe
When the universe goes online: Surviving & thriving in outer space
When the universe goes online: Surviving & thriving in outer space
As we venture deeper into space, we must equip explorers with self-reliant technology that can survive harsh conditions
5 things we need to conquer to accelerate space exploration
Sure, everyone wants to see Planet Earth in the rear-view mirror. But we won’t achieve that goal until we first cover...
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Spaceborne Computer: Still flying high, one year later
“HPE enables customers to go further, faster” – guess you could say we take that seriously
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HPE’s Spaceborne Computer successfully powers up in space and achieves one teraFLOP
An important milestone is achieved in accelerating space travel
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Ho, Hum. Just another day in space with HPE’s Spaceborne Computer
Project lead Dr. Mark Fernandez shares updates from the Spaceborne Computer's first 6-month in space
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise sends supercomputer into space to accelerate mission to Mars
From faster problem solving to astronaut survival, the Spaceborne Computer is the first step in developing sophisticated onboard computing resources
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Our next frontier: Taking HPE technology to the ‘Extreme Edge’
Dr. Tom Bradicich explores how edge computing can help open new opportunities — on Earth and in space
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The next great space race
Labs Chief Architect Kirk Bresniker and VP/GM of Servers, Converged Edge, & IoT Systems Tom Bradicich discuss the future...
Making the mission to Mars compute
HPE introduces The Machine research project
ISS Award
HPE presented with award at the 2018 ISS R&D conference
HPE receives the 2018 ISS Innovation Award in Technology Development and Demonstration
Four cool ways tech firms are leveraging the International Space Station
Experts believe the next wave of the next wave of Silicon Valley innovations will be space-driven
The Space Station's new supercomputer
NASA and HPE launched supercomputers into space using off-the-shelf hardware
HPE and NASA join forces to implement the first spaceborne computer
Spaceborne Computer promises to accelerate HPC innovation and transform space exploration as we know it
NASA achieves optimal energy efficiency with its first modular supercomputer
NASA’s first modular supercomputer, Electra, is changing the game for researchers